3rd International Workshop on OMNeT++

Research Article

Integration of a GIST implementation into OMNeT++

        author={Roland  Bless and Martin  R\o{}hricht},
        title={Integration of a GIST implementation into OMNeT++},
        proceedings={3rd International Workshop on OMNeT++},
        keywords={OMNeT++ Simulation NSIS GIST},
  • Roland Bless
    Martin Röhricht
    Year: 2010
    Integration of a GIST implementation into OMNeT++
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.SIMUTOOLS2010.8698
Roland Bless1,*, Martin Röhricht1,*
  • 1: Institute of Telematics, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, Zirkel 2, D–76128 Karlsruhe, Germany.
*Contact email: bless@kit.edu, roehricht@kit.edu


The General Internet Signaling Transport (GIST) protocol was specified by the IETF in order to provide a generic transport protocol for signaling messages. A group at the Institute of Telematics implemented the GIST protocol and evaluated it already in smaller testbed setups. An evaluation of GIST in large-scale scenarios can, however, only be accomplished by using a simulation framework. In this paper we describe how the existing Linux-based and multi-threaded NSIS-ka implementation was ported to the OMNeT++ simulation framework. First we provide an analysis of the different design principles used and then describe related challenges. Then we describe a methodology for integrating an existing real protocol implementation into OMNeT++. The feasibility of the chosen approach is finally demonstrated by a set of evaluations.