Sixth International Conference on Simulation Tools and Techniques

Research Article

jBM - a CPU benchmarking tool for cloud environments

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        author={Pietro Piazzolla and Marco Gribaudo and Giuseppe Serazzi},
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  • Pietro Piazzolla
    Marco Gribaudo
    Giuseppe Serazzi
    Year: 2013
    jBM - a CPU benchmarking tool for cloud environments
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.simutools.2013.251751
Pietro Piazzolla1,*, Marco Gribaudo1, Giuseppe Serazzi1
  • 1: Politecnico di Milano
*Contact email:


Cloud computing is an ever growing reality nowadays. Thepossibility of leasing and provisioning resources is an impor-tant alternative to the construction of dedicated data cen-ters. At the same time, multi-core and many-core architec-tures are becoming more and more popular and widely avail-able. However, such architectures present several challenges due to their high complexity. In particular it is essential to be able to study, test, model and simulate various aspects of these new environments, with suitable tools. In this paper we present jBM , a simple tool for the benchmarking the CPU of new architectures like multi-core or cloud systems. The tool consists of a multi-class workload generator and service centers that can be distributed along different nodes. The applicability of the tool is proven through several ap-plications to evaluate the performance of virtual machines on Amazon EC2.