1st Workshop on Emulation Tools, Methodology and Techniques

Research Article

Poster Abstract: COSMO - Emulation of Internet Traffic

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  • Daisuke Miyamoto
    Toshiyuki Miyachi
    Year: 2013
    Poster Abstract: COSMO - Emulation of Internet Traffic
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.simutools.2013.251708
Daisuke Miyamoto1,*, Toshiyuki Miyachi2
  • 1: The University of Tokyo
  • 2: National Institute of Information and Communications Technology
*Contact email: daisu-mi@nc.u-tokyo.ac.jp


This paper discusses for generating realistic network traffic for the emulated Internet. For emulating entire of elements of the real Internet on our testbed, we have been trying on constructing emulated inter-AS network. In this paper, we explore the suitable traffic generator which is able to emulate the real Internet traffic in the testbed. However, the existing generators do not equip functions of generating the realistic payloads. This paper therefore designs COSMO, a new traffic generator, to meet with our requirements. The key idea is to replay the real Internet traffic, rather than making it. As an initial study, we focus on improving the realism of the generated traffic. The paper captures packets at our monitoring point, divides the traffic trace file into several chunks, and replays the traffic in the emulated Internet. Based on the experiment, the paper provides our preliminary evaluation and indicates the feasibility aspect from the realism in the emulated technology.