AGEmap Workshop (PervasiveHealth 2010)

Research Article

Identifying enablers for future e-Services

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        author={Martin Bocker and Alejandro Rodriguez-Ascaso and Helge Huttenrauch and Matthias Schneider and Michael Pluke and Erik Zetterstrom},
        title={Identifying enablers for future e-Services},
        proceedings={AGEmap Workshop (PervasiveHealth 2010)},
        keywords={Design for All; Accessibility of novel interactivesystems; technology roadmap; standardisation ETSI},
  • Martin Bocker
    Alejandro Rodriguez-Ascaso
    Helge Huttenrauch
    Matthias Schneider
    Michael Pluke
    Erik Zetterstrom
    Year: 2010
    Identifying enablers for future e-Services
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.PERVASIVEHEALTH2010.8886
Martin Bocker1, Alejandro Rodriguez-Ascaso2, Helge Huttenrauch3, Matthias Schneider4, Michael Pluke5,*, Erik Zetterstrom6,*
  • 1: Bocker & Schneider GbR, Konstanze, Germany
  • 2: aDeNu research group / UNED, Barcelona, Spain
  • 3: Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden
  • 4: Bocker & Schneider GbR, Munich, Germany
  • 5: Castle Consulting Ltd., Ipswich, England
  • 6: Omnitor AB, Stockholm, Sweden
*Contact email:,


The starting point of the project is the observation that new information and communication technologies (ICT) are often introduced without taking into account the requirements of elderly and/or disabled users, resulting in products and services that are hardly usable by those users. A method for identifying enablers for future e-Services is described. In short it identifies usability problems with future interaction technologies and map these future interaction technologies to e-Services. The results of investigations using this method allow stakeholders in different stages of the research and development lifecycle e-Services to spot potential difficulties in the design of user interfaces which could cause elderly or disabled users to experience usability issues.