TCCDW WORKSHOP (PervasiveHealth) 2009

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Early lessons from the design of tactile terminals for elderly people

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        author={Otjacques Benoit and Krier Marc and Feltz Fernand and Ferring Dieter and Hoffmann Martine},
        title={Early lessons from the design of tactile terminals for elderly people},
        proceedings={TCCDW WORKSHOP (PervasiveHealth) 2009},
        keywords={Older people RFID Tactile Terminal Field Study Evaluation},
  • Otjacques Benoit
    Krier Marc
    Feltz Fernand
    Ferring Dieter
    Hoffmann Martine
    Year: 2009
    Early lessons from the design of tactile terminals for elderly people
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.PERVASIVEHEALTH2009.6052
Otjacques Benoit1,*, Krier Marc1,*, Feltz Fernand1,*, Ferring Dieter2,*, Hoffmann Martine2,*
  • 1: Informatics, Systems and Collaboration Department - ISC, Public Research Centre - Gabriel Lippmann, Belvaux, Luxembourg
  • 2: INSIDE Research Unit, University of Luxembourg, Walferdange, Luxembourg
*Contact email:,,,,


This paper presents the early results of the multi-disciplinary project Tivipol aiming to propose ICT devices to enhance the daily life of older people in a retirement home. A prototype combining a tactile color screen, a RFID reader and a ticket printer has been designed. It allows the older people to manage their usual activities in the retirement home (e.g. reserving their menu for the next days). A first formative evaluation carried out with five residents of the home has shown the high level of usability and possible acceptance of the new system. This ongoing research is intended to find out which elements play a key role in the acceptation and diffusion of ICT devices among elderly people in good physical and mental conditions.