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Mining Minds: an innovative framework for personalized health and wellness support

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  • Oresti Banos
    Muhammad Amin
    Wahajat Khan
    Taqdir Ali
    Muhammad Afzal
    Byeong Kang
    Sungyoung Lee
    Year: 2015
    Mining Minds: an innovative framework for personalized health and wellness support
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.pervasivehealth.2015.259083
Oresti Banos1,*, Muhammad Amin1, Wahajat Khan1, Taqdir Ali1, Muhammad Afzal1, Byeong Kang2, Sungyoung Lee1
  • 1: Kyung Hee University
  • 2: University of Tasmania
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The world is witnessing a spectacular shift in the delivery of health and wellness care. The key ingredient of this transformation consists in the use of revolutionary digital technologies to empower people in their self-management as well as to enhance traditional care procedures. While substantial domain-specific contributions have been provided to that end in the recent years, there is a clear lack of platforms that may orchestrate, and intelligently leverage, all the data, information and knowledge generated through these technologies. This work presents Mining Minds, an innovative framework that builds on the core ideas of the digital health and wellness paradigms to enable the provision of personalized healthcare and wellness support. Mining Minds embraces some of the currently most prominent digital technologies, ranging from Big Data and Cloud Computing to Wearables and Internet of Things, and state-of-the-art concepts and methods, such as Context-Awareness, Knowledge Bases or Analytics, among others. This paper aims at thoroughly describing the efficient and rational combination and interoperation of these modern technologies and methods through Mining Minds, while meeting the essential requirements posed by a framework for personalized health and wellness support.