7th International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare

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Simplifying Mobile Phone Food Diaries

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  • Adrienne Andrew
    Gaetano Borriello
    James Fogarty
    Year: 2013
    Simplifying Mobile Phone Food Diaries
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.pervasivehealth.2013.252101
Adrienne Andrew1,*, Gaetano Borriello1, James Fogarty1
  • 1: University of Washington
*Contact email: ahs@alum.mit.edu


We describe the design and evaluation of POND, a Pattern-Oriented Nutrition Diary. POND is a mobile-phone food diary designed using a theory-driven approach to address a common challenge users report when using food diaries on mobile phones: the amount of effort required to create food entries in relation to the perceived self-benefit of self-monitoring food intake. The design allows users to create food entries either via a traditional database lookup or a streamlined ‘+1’ approach. 24 people used POND to create predefined food entries. We found people preferred different approaches to creating entries, which reflected their self-reported nutrition concerns. This supports an argument for rethinking traditional approaches to designing food diaries.