User-Centered Design of Pervasive Healthcare Applications

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Technology Inspired Design for Pervasive Healthcare

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  • Janet van der Linden
    Yvonne Rogers
    Criss Taylor
    Mat Dalgleish
    Year: 2012
    Technology Inspired Design for Pervasive Healthcare
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.pervasivehealth.2011.246040
Janet van der Linden1,*, Yvonne Rogers1, Criss Taylor2, Mat Dalgleish3
  • 1: The Open University
  • 2: Utrecht Hogeschool voor de Kunst
  • 3: University of Wolverhampton
*Contact email:


Pervasive healthcare technologies are increasingly using novel sensory devices that are able to measure phenomena that could not be measured before. To develop novel healthcare applications that use these largely untested technologies, it is important to have a design process that allows proper exploration of the capabilities of the novel technologies. We focus on the technology-inspired design process that was used in the development of a system to support posture and provide guidance by nudging people, and how this has lead us to explore pervasive healthcare applications.