1st International Workshop on Ubiquitous Mobile Healthcare Applications

Research Article

MobiDiagnosis: A mobile headache characterization system

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        author={Dario  Correal and Daniel  Ramirez and Tatiana  Hernandez and Nicolas  Diaz},
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  • Dario Correal
    Daniel Ramirez
    Tatiana Hernandez
    Nicolas Diaz
    Year: 2009
    MobiDiagnosis: A mobile headache characterization system
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.MOBIQUITOUS2009.6830
Dario Correal1,*, Daniel Ramirez1,*, Tatiana Hernandez1,*, Nicolas Diaz1,*
  • 1: Department of Systems and Computing Engineering, University of Los Andes, Cra IE No 19A-40, Bogota, Colombia.
*Contact email: dcorreal@uniandes.edu.co, dc.ramirezI47@uniandes.edu.co, t-hernan@uniandes.edu.co, n-diaz@uniandes.edu.co


Certain diseases and clinical conditions can become serious public health issues. This is particularly true in neurology where chronic headache illness is a burden borne by a great extent of the population. Assertively diagnosing headaches requires the patient to fill out printed forms and collect daily information that may help identify all possible causes. Nevertheless, these printed forms can also become an obstacle to the patients' treatment. This article presents MobiDiagnosis, a mobile system intended to characterize headaches that allows for storing and on-line analysis of the symptoms related information.