5th International Mobile Multimedia Communications Conference

Research Article

Layer based multi-view image compression

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        author={Andriy Gelman and Pier Luigi Dragotti and Vladan Velisavljevic},
        title={Layer based multi-view image compression},
        proceedings={5th International Mobile Multimedia Communications Conference},
        keywords={Multi-view image free-viewpoint rendering compression 3D wavelet lifting.},
  • Andriy Gelman
    Pier Luigi Dragotti
    Vladan Velisavljevic
    Year: 2010
    Layer based multi-view image compression
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.MOBIMEDIA2009.7489
Andriy Gelman1,*, Pier Luigi Dragotti1,*, Vladan Velisavljevic2,*
  • 1: Imperial College London
  • 2: Deutsche Telekom Labs
*Contact email: andriy.gelman04@ic.ac.uk, p.dragotti@ic.ac.uk, vladan.velisavljevic@telekom.de


We propose a compression algorithm for an array of multiview images. First, we apply a segmentation algorithm to partition the data into coherent layers and significantly reduce the number of images required for artifact-free rendering. Then, we exploit the coherence in each layer by applying a 1D disparity compensated wavelet transform across the views followed by a 2D SA-DWT on each of the spatial subbands. Finally, the data is entropy coded using a modified version of EBCOT. Experimental results show that our coder outperforms state-of-the-art H.264/AVC at low bitrates and intra-image JPEG-2000 over the complete range of bit-rates. Furthermore, unlike other multi-view image compression techniques, our implementation does not rely on estimating a 3D geometric model of the scene.