4th International ICST Mobile Multimedia Communications Conference

Research Article

Adaptive Wireless IPTV Development Platform

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        author={Antti  Heikkinen and Janne  Vehkaper\aa{} and Jukka-Pekka  Laulajainen and Johannes  Peltola},
        title={Adaptive Wireless IPTV Development Platform},
        proceedings={4th International ICST Mobile Multimedia Communications Conference},
        keywords={IPTV Wireless Mobility QoS adaptive multimedia},
  • Antti Heikkinen
    Janne Vehkaperä
    Jukka-Pekka Laulajainen
    Johannes Peltola
    Year: 2010
    Adaptive Wireless IPTV Development Platform
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.MOBIMEDIA2008.4043
Antti Heikkinen1,*, Janne Vehkaperä1,*, Jukka-Pekka Laulajainen1,*, Johannes Peltola1,*
  • 1: VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, Kaitoväylä 1, 90571, Oulu, Finland.
*Contact email: antti.heikkinen@vtt.fi, janne.vehkapera@vtt.fi, jukka-pekka.laulajainen@vtt.fi, Johannes.Peltola@vtt.fi


In this paper, we present an adaptive wireless IPTV development platform which provides a cost-effective and realistic environment for testing and developing adaptive video transmission technologies and services. We describe the components of the platform and give examples of how the platform has been used. The platform supports adaptive video delivery to mobile users in various networks, e.g., WLAN, WiMAX, and 3G. Furthermore, the platform includes support for managing client mobility and quality of service (QoS). The environment comprises of a controlled laboratory environment including a network emulator as well as actual networks with wide coverage and regular users.