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Network Security Risk Assessment Based on Item Response Theory

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/icst.mobimedia.2015.259024,
        author={Fangwei Li and Qing Huang and Jiang Zhu and Zhuxun Peng},
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  • Fangwei Li
    Qing Huang
    Jiang Zhu
    Zhuxun Peng
    Year: 2015
    Network Security Risk Assessment Based on Item Response Theory
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.mobimedia.2015.259024
Fangwei Li1, Qing Huang1,*, Jiang Zhu1, Zhuxun Peng1
  • 1: Chongqing University of Posts Telecommunications, Chongqing Key Lab of Mobile Communications Technology
*Contact email:


Owing to the traditional risk assessment method has one-sidedness and is difficult to reflect the real network situation, a risk assessment method based on Item Response Theory (IRT) is put forward in network security. First of all, the novel algorithms of calculating the threat of attack and the successful probability of attack are proposed by the combination of IRT model and Service Security Level. Secondly, the service weight of importance is calculated by the three-demarcation analytic hierarchy process. Finally, the risk situation graph of service, host and network logic layer could be generated by the improved method. The simulation results show that this method can be more comprehensive consideration of factors which are affecting network security, and a more realistic network risk situation graph in real-time will be obtained.