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An Energy-Efficient Self-Organization Routing Strategy in Tree Networks

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/icst.mobimedia.2015.258969,
        author={Lin Feng and Yu Zhou and Tie Qiu},
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  • Lin Feng
    Yu Zhou
    Tie Qiu
    Year: 2015
    An Energy-Efficient Self-Organization Routing Strategy in Tree Networks
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.mobimedia.2015.258969
Lin Feng1, Yu Zhou1,*, Tie Qiu1
  • 1: Dalian University of Technology
*Contact email: zhouyujoe@126.com


This paper proposes a new self-organization and topology dynamic adjustment strategy. Network nodes broadcast packets to select child nodes and non-network nodes collect packets to join in network. During the self-organization process we take hop, residual energy, number of child node and communication distance into account to calculate the weight of available sink nodes, and then select the node with max weight as sink node. After a non-network node joins the network successful it will work as a network node to searching child nodes. A tree network can be constructed one layer by one layer using the new strategy. For balancing energy consumption and prolonging network lifetime we adjust the topology dynamic. All experiments were done with NS2.