1st International ICST Conference on Mobile Wireless Middleware, Operating Systems and Applications

Research Article

Cross-Layer Routing-Scheduling in IEEE 802.16 Mesh Networks

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        author={Mehmet S. Kuran and G\'{y}rkan G\'{y}r and Tuna Tugcu and Fatih Alag\o{}z},
        title={Cross-Layer Routing-Scheduling in IEEE 802.16 Mesh Networks},
        proceedings={1st International ICST Conference on Mobile Wireless Middleware, Operating Systems and Applications},
        keywords={IEEE 802.16 Wireless mesh networks Cross-layer design Routing Scheduling},
  • Mehmet S. Kuran
    Gürkan Gür
    Tuna Tugcu
    Fatih Alagöz
    Year: 2010
    Cross-Layer Routing-Scheduling in IEEE 802.16 Mesh Networks
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.MOBILWARE2008.2892
Mehmet S. Kuran1,*, Gürkan Gür1,*, Tuna Tugcu1,*, Fatih Alagöz1,*
  • 1: Department of Computer Engineering, Bogazici University, Bebek 34342, Istanbul, TURKEY.
*Contact email: sukru.kuran@boun.edu.tr, gurgurka@boun.edu.tr, tugcu@boun.edu.tr, alagoz@boun.edu.tr


Broadband wireless access networks will be a vital component in IP-based fourth-generation (4G) wireless communication systems as part of convergent and pervasive networking architecture. IEEE 802.16 Mobile WiMAX is currently one of the most active standards for broadband wireless access. There are various challenges for the integration of WiMAX and next-generation broadband networks such as diverse operational environment, increasingly stringent QoS support, power/coverage limitations and capacity boundaries. The mesh operation mode of IEEE 802.16 has been standardized as a potential remedy to alleviate these issues. In this work, we propose and investigate a cross-layer routing-scheduling scheme in IEEE 802.16 mesh networks. Our scheme jointly utilizes the distributed and centralized scheduling capabilities of IEEE 802.16 link layer in mesh mode and routing in network layer for optimal operation. It abides with the rules of the IEEE 802.16 protocol. The experimental results indicate that our technique can significantly improve the network performance especially in case of a congestion in the Internet part of the traffic at the cost of a minor burden on the intranet traffic in the form of a slight increase in the end-to-end delay.