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The Development of Intelligent Service System for Machine Tool Industry

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  • Yueh-Ling Lin
    Chih-Chieh Lin
    Hung-Sheng Chiu
    Year: 2015
    The Development of Intelligent Service System for Machine Tool Industry
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.iniscom.2015.258992
Yueh-Ling Lin1,*, Chih-Chieh Lin1, Hung-Sheng Chiu1
  • 1: Central Industry Research & Service Division, CID, Institute for Information Industry
*Contact email:


Developing efficient services for Taiwan’s machine-tool industry is important because of the intelligent service enhancement for industrial networks and systems integration. The purpose of this study is to provide innovative service via remote cloud computing for machine tool solutions. The intelligent system integrates both hardware and software functions of machine tools. A platform was developed for machinery information convergence and intelligent service system. To complete the standards for the proposed system, the Taiwan Machine Tool Connect (TMTC) standard was developed to provide over 80% data acquisition support for current CNC machines and PLC controllers. Compare the TMTC standard with the MTConnect standard, the TMTC can provide faster and lower traffic on multi-trip data exchange to accelerate the interpretation and increase 50% transmission speed. The proposed system was demonstrated by applying it to the aerospace and automotive industries. The system performance was verified by proximal system functional test, platform verification, work and service process feasibility assessment, and key performance evaluation for machine tool solutions. The results successfully connect 302 machines with ServBox to achieve real-time machine monitoring and enhance productivity. Finally, the proposed system can provide machinery data analysis, intelligent service, and applications for machine tool solutions and increase production values for Taiwan’s machine-tool industry.