3rd International ICST Conference on Scalable Information Systems

Research Article

Scalable Architecture for Web Service Discovery

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        author={Brahmananda Sapkota and Sanaullan Nazir and Manfred Hauswirth and Tomas Vitvar},
        title={Scalable Architecture for Web Service Discovery},
        proceedings={3rd International ICST Conference on Scalable Information Systems},
        keywords={Semantic Web Semantic Web Service Scalable Web Service Discovery Semantic Shared Space Tuple Space},
  • Brahmananda Sapkota
    Sanaullan Nazir
    Manfred Hauswirth
    Tomas Vitvar
    Year: 2010
    Scalable Architecture for Web Service Discovery
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.INFOSCALE2008.3536
Brahmananda Sapkota1,*, Sanaullan Nazir1,*, Manfred Hauswirth1,*, Tomas Vitvar2,*
  • 1: DERI Galway, NUI Galway Galway, Ireland
  • 2: STI Innsbruck, University of Innsbruck, Innsbruck, Austria
*Contact email: brahmananda.sapkota@deri.org, sanaullah.nazir@deri.org, manfred.hauswirth@deri.org, tomas.vitvar@sti2.at


Web services offer an enabling step towards enterprise integration over the Internet. Service discovery is the fundamental task of finding and assembling services to meet a request. In this paper a scalable service discovery architecture is proposed. The scalability is mainly achieved by employing the shared semantic space for discovery and coordination of resources distributed over the shared spaces. The shared spaces are virtual spaces which can be hosted at any node or server on the Internet. The system self-organizes into virtual groups that empower the capability of discovery mechanism.