3rd International ICST Conference on Scalable Information Systems

Research Article

The Multi-Resolution Extended Edit Distance

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        author={Muhammad Marwan Muhammad Fuad and Pierre-Fran\`{e}ois Marteau},
        title={The Multi-Resolution Extended Edit Distance},
        proceedings={3rd International ICST Conference on Scalable Information Systems},
        keywords={Information Retrieval Time Series Symbolic Representation.},
  • Muhammad Marwan Muhammad Fuad
    Pierre-François Marteau
    Year: 2010
    The Multi-Resolution Extended Edit Distance
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.INFOSCALE2008.3508
Muhammad Marwan Muhammad Fuad1,*, Pierre-François Marteau1,*
  • 1: VALORIA, Université de Bretagne Sud, BP 573, 56017 Vannes
*Contact email: marwan.fuad@univ-ubs.fr, pierre-francois.marteau@univ-ubs.fr


Similarity search is a fundamental problem in information technology. The main difficulty of this problem is the high dimensionality of the data objects. In large time series databases, it's important to reduce the dimensionality of these data objects, so that we can manage them. Symbolic representation is a promising technique of dimensionality reduction. In this paper we propose a new distance metric, which is applied to symbolic sequential data objects, and we test it on time series databases in classification task experiments. We also compare it to other distances that are well known in the literature for symbolic data objects, and we prove that it's metric.