8th International Conference on Body Area Networks

Research Article

GPU-Based Simulation of Wireless Body Area Network

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  • Dion Paul
    Hongmei Chi
    Clement Allen
    Year: 2013
    GPU-Based Simulation of Wireless Body Area Network
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.bodynets.2013.253940
Dion Paul,*, Hongmei Chi1, Clement Allen2
  • 1: Research Advisor
  • 2: Researcher
*Contact email: dpaul@cis.famu.edu


This research work utilizes an NVIDIA GTX 470 graphics processing unit (GPU) in a local workstation to perform model simulations of a wireless body area network (WBAN). A WBAN is a complex system of multiple wireless sensor nodes which are usually deployed on, or in close proximity to a person’s body. It is necessary to develop and simulate a WBAN model in order to understand its behavior before real-world deployment. There are several simulators and computing environments that are available to perform this task, but this research project only focuses on WBAN model simulation in MATLAB, using either the CPU only, or the CPU with GPU co-processing. The goal of this project is to gain an understanding of the GPU-based performance of WBAN model simulation. The purpose of this study is to investigate the reliability and suitability of various WBAN model simulations in different computing environments.