7th International Conference on Body Area Networks

Research Article

A Small, Wearable, Stretchable Electrocardiogram and Physical Activity Monitoring System

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  • Chun Kit, Alex Chan
    Hiroyuki Hamada
    Hiroki Fujiwara
    Sayaka Okochi
    Kohei Higuchi
    Atsushi Kajiya
    Takayuki Fujita
    Kazusuke Maenaka
    Year: 2012
    A Small, Wearable, Stretchable Electrocardiogram and Physical Activity Monitoring System
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.bodynets.2012.249921
Chun Kit, Alex Chan1,*, Hiroyuki Hamada1, Hiroki Fujiwara1, Sayaka Okochi1, Kohei Higuchi1, Atsushi Kajiya2, Takayuki Fujita3, Kazusuke Maenaka3
  • 1: Japan Science and Technology Agency
  • 2: Nippon Mektron, Ltd.
  • 3: Graduate School of Engineering, University of Hyogo, Japan
*Contact email: alexckchan@eratokm.jp


Recently, many research studies and development projects focus on wearable sensor systems for applications such as human activity recognition or monitoring, biomedical clothing, health monitoring and medical care. In general, this kind of wearable system should be small-sized, lightweight, low-power, comfortable and non-invasive for the user. In this study, we present a prototype of electrocardiogram (ECG) and physical activity monitoring system using a low-power consumption 315 MHz RF transceiver module and stretchable wiring used to increase the snugness of the system. The entire system is composed of three blocks - the main block, RF block and the power block. The interconnection of each block is implemented with stretchable wiring to enhance the tensility and flexibility. During continuous transmission of the sensed information, the entire system only consumes 15.5 mA of current. Thus, for a 75 mAh battery, the proposed system can operate for more than 4 hours.