6th International ICST Conference on Body Area Networks

Research Article

Characterisation of On-Body Communications at 2.45 GHz

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  • Carla Oliveira
    Carlos Lopes
    Michal Mackowiak
    Luis Correia
    Year: 2012
    Characterisation of On-Body Communications at 2.45 GHz
    DOI: 10.4108/icst.bodynets.2011.247059
Carla Oliveira1,*, Carlos Lopes2, Michal Mackowiak1, Luis Correia1
  • 1: IT/IST-TUL
  • 2: IST-TUL
*Contact email: carla.oliveira@lx.it.pt


This work focuses on the characterisation of on-body communications using patch antennas at 2.45 GHz. An investigation on the effects of the body in the communication link is done, based on measurements, for a range of body postures and on-body links. Return reflection loss results show that, on average, the antenna performance is 0.6 dB worse than in free space, also presenting a small detuning (<5 MHz). A fitting to the Normal Distribution is proven to be acceptable. Up to 33 dB of dispersion of values is verified for path links with the same length, as a consequence of antenna mismatch, which can turn a quasi-line-of-sight link into a non-line-of-sight one, increasing path loss up to 15 dB.