8th International ICST Workshop on Middleware for Network Eccentric and Mobile Applications

Research Article

Collaborative microdrones: applications and research challenges

        author={Markus  Quaritsch and Emil  Stojanovski and Christian  Bettstetter and Gerhard  Friedrich and Hermann  Hellwagner and Bernhard  Rinner and Michael  Hofbaur and Mubarak  Shah},
        title={Collaborative microdrones: applications and research challenges},
        proceedings={8th International ICST Workshop on Middleware for Network Eccentric and Mobile Applications},
        keywords={microdrones networked autonomous systems mission planning aerial imaging formation flight},
  • Markus Quaritsch
    Emil Stojanovski
    Christian Bettstetter
    Gerhard Friedrich
    Hermann Hellwagner
    Bernhard Rinner
    Michael Hofbaur
    Mubarak Shah
    Year: 2011
    Collaborative microdrones: applications and research challenges
    DOI: 10.4108/ICST.AUTONOMICS2008.4642
Markus Quaritsch1,*, Emil Stojanovski1,*, Christian Bettstetter1,*, Gerhard Friedrich1,*, Hermann Hellwagner1,*, Bernhard Rinner1,*, Michael Hofbaur2,*, Mubarak Shah3,*
  • 1: Klagenfurt University, Austria
  • 2: Graz University of Technology
  • 3: University of Central Florida
*Contact email: markus.quaritsch@uni-klu.ac.at, emil.stojanovski@uni-klu.ac.at, christian.bettstetter@uni-klu.ac.at, gerhard.friedrich@uni-klu.ac.at, hermann.hellwagner@uni-klu.ac.at, bernhard.rinner@uni-klu.ac.at, michael.hofbaur@TUGraz.at, shah@eecs.ucf.edu


Microdrones are small-scale unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) carrying payloads such as cameras and sensors. Such microdrones enable us to obtain a bird's eye view of the environment which is helpful in many applications such as environmental monitoring, surveillance or disaster management.

This position paper reports on our recently launched project "collaborative microdrones" where we are developing a system for aerial imaging based on cooperating, wireless networked microdrones that can be used in disaster management applications. Several microdrones will fly in formation over the area of interest and deliver sensor data which is fused, analyzed and delivered to the user in real-time. In this paper we briefly discuss applications for UAVs, present related projects, introduce our research focus and report on preliminary results.