fiee 14(1): e5

Research Article

“Multi-screen in One” System Design of Education Video Oriented U-learning

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        author={Xiao Jun and Wang Lamei and Zhu Xiaoxiao},
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  • Xiao Jun
    Wang Lamei
    Zhu Xiaoxiao
    Year: 2014
    “Multi-screen in One” System Design of Education Video Oriented U-learning
    DOI: 10.4108/fiee.1.1.e5
Xiao Jun1,*, Wang Lamei1, Zhu Xiaoxiao1
  • 1: Shanghai Engineering Research Centre of Open Distance Education, Shanghai Open University, Shanghai, P.R.China
*Contact email:


On the research of the transcoding and the adaptive distribution and scheduling of education video with multiplatform compatibility, this paper proposes the overall technological solution of "multi-screen in one" technology oriented ubiquitous learning (U-learning) on the education video, realizing the seamless joint of education video between different screens so as to ensure the continuous learning, and achieving the intelligent recommendation of relevant video resource. Supported by the key technology of “multi-screen in one”, the multimedia asset management system and personalized video resource recommendation system are established and applied to Shanghai Lifelong Learning Network. Higher requirements such as video resource storage, transmission and retrieval in the U-learning environment can be satisfied by the multimedia asset management system, thus making the learners acquire the video resources which are compatible with the network and facilities automatically. Meanwhile, personalized video resource recommendation system is able to provide different customers with specific learning resources, and also gives better support for their personalized learning.