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Teachers' Lifestyle who use ICTs in Basic Education during COVID-19: A case study

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eetpht.9.3917,
        author={Luc\^{\i}a Asencios-Trujillo and Djamila Gallegos-Espinoza and Lida Asencios-Trujillo and Livia Pi\`{o}as-Rivera and Carlos LaRosa-Longobardi},
        title={Teachers' Lifestyle who use ICTs in Basic Education during COVID-19: A case study},
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  • Lucía Asencios-Trujillo
    Djamila Gallegos-Espinoza
    Lida Asencios-Trujillo
    Livia Piñas-Rivera
    Carlos LaRosa-Longobardi
    Year: 2023
    Teachers' Lifestyle who use ICTs in Basic Education during COVID-19: A case study
    DOI: 10.4108/eetpht.9.3917
Lucía Asencios-Trujillo1,*, Djamila Gallegos-Espinoza1, Lida Asencios-Trujillo1, Livia Piñas-Rivera1, Carlos LaRosa-Longobardi1
  • 1: National University of Education Enrique Guzmán y Valle
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Introduction: lifestyle is an indicator that refers to a set of behaviors and behaviors known as habits that people adopt, and these can be good or bad and this will depend on the life condition of the individual. Aim: to determine the lifestyle of teachers who use ICTs in basic education during COVID-19 in North Lima. Methods: a quantitative, descriptive-cross-sectional study, consisting of a total of 160 patients attending a health facility, who answered a questionnaire of sociodemographic data and the fantastic questionnaire. Results: 5% of the participants have a lifestyle is in danger, 8.1% have a bad lifestyle, 52.5% have a regular lifestyle, 16.3% good lifestyle and 18.1% excellent lifestyle. With respect to the dimension family and friends that, 88.1% have an excellent lifestyle and 11.9% regular lifestyle. With respect to the physical activity dimension, 86.9% have an excellent lifestyle, 2.5% a good lifestyle and 10.6% a bad lifestyle. Conclusions: It is concluded that educational counseling should be implemented on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to prevent risk behaviors that harm health. It is concluded that health should be promoted, since it allows educating people to put into practice how to improve their lifestyle and how to have a healthy diet.