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Movie Recommender System using Machine Learning

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eetct.v9i3.2712,
        author={Sonika Malik},
        title={Movie Recommender System using Machine Learning},
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  • Sonika Malik
    Year: 2022
    Movie Recommender System using Machine Learning
    DOI: 10.4108/eetct.v9i3.2712
Sonika Malik1,*
  • 1: Maharaja Surajmal Institute of Technology, New Delhi, India
*Contact email: sonika.malik@msit.in


In this research, we propose a movie recommender system that can recommend movies to both new and existing customers. It searches movie databases for all of the relevant data, such as popularity and beauty that is required for a recommendation. We apply both content-based and collaborative filtering and evaluate their advantages and disadvantages. To build a system that delivers more exact movie recommendations, we employ hybrid filtering, which is a combination of the outcomes of these two processes. The recommendation engines are also used for business purposes and to make strategies for organizations. Due to the growing demands of customers and user’s recommendation systems plays a huge role. These recommender systems also help us to utilize our time in the busy world by giving us more relevant searches. These systems are generally used with the movie’s websites or with many commercial applications and are of great use. This type of recommendation system can be also used for precise results. It will make movies suggestions more relevant as per the need of the users.