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Analysis of Meteorological Data for applications in Ngoundiane’s Site

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        author={A. Sadio and I. Fall and S. Mbodji and G. G. Sissoko},
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  • A. Sadio
    I. Fall
    S. Mbodji
    G. G. Sissoko
    Year: 2017
    Analysis of Meteorological Data for applications in Ngoundiane’s Site
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.9-10-2017.153168
A. Sadio, I. Fall, S. Mbodji,*, G. G. Sissoko
    *Contact email:


    This work is about an appropriate cho oiicce of a renewable energy source between a wind turburbine and a solar power plant. The selected renewable energy source sshould supply electricity to a site, part of the Universsiity Alioune Diop of Bambey, in Ngoundiane, Thies region. The wwo ork is based on analysis of meteorological parammeters (wind speed, ambient temperature, solar irradiation). Accordrding to this study, the use of solar energy to prododuuce electricity in the site of Ngoundiane is very promising. Focususiing on a standalone photovoltaic system seem to bbe e the solution because solar resource is very abundant in Senegal anndd is easier characterized than wind resources. Moreovveer, photovoltaic technology is very well mastered.