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Persuasive Technology for Human Development: Review and Case Study

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  • Ali Harris
    Saif ul Islam
    Junaid Qadir
    Ussama Ahmad Khan
    Year: 2017
    Persuasive Technology for Human Development: Review and Case Study
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.8-12-2017.153401
Ali Harris1, Saif ul Islam1, Junaid Qadir1, Ussama Ahmad Khan1
  • 1: Information Technology University (ITU), Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan


Technology is an extremely potent tool that can be leveraged for human development and social good. Owing to the great importance of environment and human psychology in driving human behaviour, and the ubiquity of technology in modern life, there is a need to leverage the insights and capabilities of both fields together for nudging people towards a behaviour that is optimal in some sense (personal or social). In this regard, the field of persuasive technology, which proposes to infuse technology with appropriate design and incentives using insights from psychology, behavioural economics, and human-computer interaction holds a lot of promise. Whilst persuasive technology is already being developed and is at play in many commercial applications, it can have the great social impact in the field of Information and Communication Technology for Development (ICTD) which uses Information and Communication Technology (ICT) for human developmental ends such as education and health. In this paper we will explore what persuasive technology is and how it can be used for the ends of human development. To develop the ideas in a concrete setting, we present a case study outlining how persuasive technology can be used for human development in Pakistan, a developing South Asian country, that suffers from many of the problems that plague typical developing country.