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A Prototype for Data Integrity in Cloud Environment

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  • Shashi Shashi
    Suryakant Yadav
    Anuranjan Mishra
    Year: 2020
    A Prototype for Data Integrity in Cloud Environment
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.7-9-2020.166287
Shashi Shashi1,*, Suryakant Yadav2, Anuranjan Mishra3
  • 1: Research scholar, Noida International University, Gr. Noida, India
  • 2: Noida International University, Gr. Noida, India
  • 3: GNIOT, Gr Noida, India
*Contact email: teotia.shashi@gmail.com


Currently in world wide computing (Cloud) has a great impact on life. Everyone can access the all services of cloud if he/she is on different location. Client user can access the cloud services as per their requirement. If one user on cloud, Integrity of data is an important aspect. Data integrity is the upkeep of and the confirmation of the exactness and consistency of, data over its whole life-cycle, and is a basic perspective to the outline, execution and use of any framework which stores, forms, or recovers data. In this research paper, a fitting technique that guarantees the integrity of data and in addition rightness of calculations done by the cloud service provider is introduced. Integrity is a method for protecting the consistency of the put away data in cloud server and guaranteeing the innovation of the data put away in the cloud server. It implies that the data can be altered just by approved people, along these lines expanding the certification, confirmation and dependability of the cloud service providers.