3rd EAI International Conference on Management of Manufacturing Systems

Research Article

Digital Manufacturing in Small Companies Environment

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  • Anna Šmeringaiová
    Slavko Pavlenko
    Marek Wittner
    Peter Šmeringai
    Year: 2018
    Digital Manufacturing in Small Companies Environment
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.6-11-2018.2280025
Anna Šmeringaiová1,*, Slavko Pavlenko1, Marek Wittner2, Peter Šmeringai1
  • 1: Faculty of Manufacturing Technologies of the Technical University of Kosice with a seat in Prešov, Bayerová 1, 08001 Prešov, Slovakia
  • 2: DECRAN – SK, s.r.o., Sládkovičova 2545, 017 01 Považská Bystrica, Slovakia
*Contact email: anna.smeringaiova@tuke.sk


Customization and digitization of production processes represent the current trend in the development of industrial production, to which larger and smaller companies have to adapt. Especially in small company environments it is a challenging process of modifications. Companies do not have their own capacities for the preparation and implementation of these changes. This opens up the space for company collaboration with research centers and universities. An example of such cooperation based on the current needs and possibilities of a small evolving engineering company is described in the article.