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Informed spectrum usage Based on Location-awareness in Cognitive Networks

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.5-4-2016.151146,
        author={Fangwei Li and Zhuxun Peng and Jiang Zhu},
        title={Informed spectrum usage Based on Location-awareness in Cognitive Networks},
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  • Fangwei Li
    Zhuxun Peng
    Jiang Zhu
    Year: 2016
    Informed spectrum usage Based on Location-awareness in Cognitive Networks
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.5-4-2016.151146
Fangwei Li1, Zhuxun Peng1,*, Jiang Zhu1
  • 1: Chongqing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Chongqing, China
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This paper proposes a spectrum situation scheme to obtain the interference distribution information of primary user in spatial domain. A reliable spatial interpolation technique, surface spline interpolation, is applied to interference cartography. Using this information, a secondary network can detect the location and transmit power of the primary transmitter .On this basis, a new transmit power adaptive scheme based on location-awareness is proposed. This scheme realizes the power control according to three kinds of position relations between primary user and secondary user. The secondary user can use spectrum opportunities without causing harmful interference to primary user. Simulation analysis shows that this scheme can increase the capacity of cognitive network while maintaining a quality-of-service for primary user by limiting the interference generated by secondary user.