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Be Civic: An Immersive Serious Game

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  • Yoselie Alvarado
    Roberto Guerrero
    Francisco Serón
    Year: 2018
    Be Civic: An Immersive Serious Game
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.5-1-2018.153534
Yoselie Alvarado1,*, Roberto Guerrero1, Francisco Serón2
  • 1: Laboratorio de Computación Gráfica, Universidad Nacional de San Luis, Ejército de los Andes 950, Argentina
  • 2: Instituto de Investigación en Ingeniería de Aragón, Universidad de Zaragoza, Grupo GIGA, España
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Nowadays, serious games are one of the biggest existing industries and it is still growing steadily in many sectors. Particularly, the use of virtual worlds and serious games in education is growing. This paper introduces the development of a serious game in an immersive learning environment for teaching Civics. The work’s idea is to develop a game to motivate, educate and train learners on civic rules by placing users in different civic roles and giving them agency to address real-world problems and issues. In order to improve the user’s experience, the game was developed to work in a cave-like immersive environment by using a conversational character for a new kind of Human-Computer Interface. The game includes static and dynamic 3D environments, allowing players to share the experience of navigation in the scene among the users, even geographically distributed. In order to evaluate the game’s performance, a between groups experiment with thirty participants was designed.