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Brain-Computer Interface and Human Rights

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  • Matej Kostrec
    Bohumír Štědroň
    Year: 2021
    Brain-Computer Interface and Human Rights
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.4-12-2020.2303537
Matej Kostrec1,*, Bohumír Štědroň2
  • 1: Academy of the Police Force in Bratislava, Slovakia
  • 2: Charles University Prague
*Contact email:


Information and communication technologies are part of every area of our lives. They help us to facilitate not only physical activities, but they are also a means of revealing and uncovering the secrets and connections of human organisms, thinking, decision-making and processes that are associated with psychic and mental activities. The aim of this article is to present one of the information technologies, namely neuro-technology, whose mission is to scan, read and analyze electromagnetic signals from the brain using computer means. For this purpose, various devices are used, which we classify in the category of Brain-Computer Interface. They are used to map thought processes, which are then used in practice in medicine, the judiciary, but also in marketing and entertainment. Data taken from the brain of a human being belong to sensitive data, and it is therefore necessary to protect them through human rights legislation.