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Activities to Support Sustainable Inclusive Game Design Processes

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  • Thomas Westin
    Jenny Brusk
    Henrik Engström
    Year: 2019
    Activities to Support Sustainable Inclusive Game Design Processes
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.30-7-2019.162948
Thomas Westin1,*, Jenny Brusk2, Henrik Engström2
  • 1: Stockholm University, Postbox 7003, SE-164 07 Kista, Sweden
  • 2: University of Skövde, Box 408, SE-541 28 Skövde, Sweden
*Contact email: thomasw@dsv.su.se


INTRODUCTION: The problem addressed in this work is the lack of knowledge of what inclusive game design would mean in practice within existing design processes of game companies. A pilot project was devised to involve both the game industry and disabled people.

OBJECTIVES: The goal in this study was to identify activities that constitute the biggest obstacles to realising sustainable design processes for inclusive game design.

METHODS: The study is mainly based on two full-day workshops with the game industry and three game studios, three organisations of disabled youth and authorities.

RESULTS: Five activities were identified in the analysis of the workshops: 1) Find opportunities for inclusive game design; 2) Raise awareness about inclusive game design; 3) Handle integrity and security; 4) Recruit the right competence; and 5) Adapt workplaces and tools.

CONCLUSION: The five main activities should be considered to achieve sustainable inclusive game design processes.