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Smart Ambient Learning with Physical Artifacts UsingWearable Technologies

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  • István Koren
    Ralf Klamma
    Year: 2016
    Smart Ambient Learning with Physical Artifacts UsingWearable Technologies
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.27-6-2016.151526
István Koren1,*, Ralf Klamma1
  • 1: Advanced Community Information Systems (ACIS) Group, RWTH Aachen University Ahornstr. 55, 52056 Aachen, Germany
*Contact email:


Wearable technologies have been developing a momentum recently. However, integrated concepts for teaching and learning with wearable technologies are not available at present. In this paper, we report on a multicontextual framework for such an integrated concept. It consists of a number of real-world use cases coming from a third-party funded project, an entrepreneurship lab course from a technical university and an open source software development strategy. Based on an exhibition scenario, we conceptualize a framework for dealing with physical artifacts that integrates community learning analytics for self-reflection. Conceptual as well as technical issues and first experiences with an open source prototype draw an optimistic picture while we outline further needs for research and development.