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Collaboration in 3D Virtual Worlds: a protocol for case study research

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  • A. Cruz
    H. Paredes
    B. Fonseca
    P. Martins
    L. Morgado
    Year: 2016
    Collaboration in 3D Virtual Worlds: a protocol for case study research
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.27-6-2016.151521
A. Cruz1,*, H. Paredes2, B. Fonseca2, P. Martins2, L. Morgado3
  • 1: INESC TEC and Instituto Polit√©cnico de Viseu, Portugal
  • 2: INESC TEC and UTAD, Vila Real, Portugal,
  • 3: INESC TEC and Universidade Aberta, Coimbra, Portugal
*Contact email:


Three-dimensional virtual worlds have been growing fast in number of users, and are used for the most diverse purposes. In collaboration, they are used with good results due to features such as immersion, interaction capabilities, use of avatar embodiment, and physical space. In the particular cases of avatar embodiment and physical space, these features support nonverbal communication, but its impact on collaboration is not well known. In this work we present a protocol for case study research and its creation process, which aims to assert itself as a tool to collect data on how nonverbal communication influences collaboration in three-dimensional virtual worlds. We define the propositions and units of analysis, and a pilot case to validate them. Then, two cases are analysed under the created protocol. Most of the propositions found chains of evidences supporting them.