Proceedings of the 1st International Symposium on Indonesian Politics, SIP 2019, 26-27 June 2019, Central Java, Indonesia

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Has Indonesia’s Diplomacy Really Gone Digital?

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  • Muhammad Tri Andika
    Bani Pamungkas
    Muhammad Badaruddin
    Suharyanti Suharyanti
    Year: 2019
    Has Indonesia’s Diplomacy Really Gone Digital?
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.25-6-2019.2288007
Muhammad Tri Andika1,*, Bani Pamungkas1, Muhammad Badaruddin1, Suharyanti Suharyanti1
  • 1: Universitas Bakrie, Indonesia
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The rise of the internet and information communication technology has signified the role of digital diplomacy for the current foreign policy. Since recent times, countries across the world inevitably have to deal with the increasing use of the internet. Under Joko Widodo’s administration, Indonesia’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs responds to this trend by embracing digital technology on their work. Its commitment can be traced from the document of the National Medium-Term Development Plan 2015–2019 and the document of Strategic Planning of Indonesia’s MOFA 2014–2019. In practice, Indonesia’s MOFA vigorously grasped to implement digital diplomacy by asserting the importance of website, social media, and mobile application to support their work. However, in this regard, is Indonesia diplomacy really going digital? This article argues that Indonesia’s digital diplomacy, even in recent times, continues to lack substance and a framework. Digital diplomacy involves more than mere transformation of the content or conversation into digital media. Therefore, it is necessary that digital diplomacy is equipped with strategic planning and solid framework which are manifested in the blueprint or road map document. Yet, the practice of Indonesia’s digital diplomacy is not armed with these documents. Therefore, this paper argues that the effort of Indonesia’s MOFA to build a strategic road map document is essential in managing various problems and challenges in implementing digital diplomacy