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The Significance of a Body in Contemporary Arts

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  • Emmanouela Vogiatzaki
    Artur Krukowski
    Year: 2016
    The Significance of a Body in Contemporary Arts
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.25-4-2016.151162
Emmanouela Vogiatzaki1,*, Artur Krukowski2
  • 1: Open University of Cyprus, Department of Theatre Studies
  • 2: Intracom S. A. Telecom Solutions, R&D Unit
*Contact email: emmanouela@rfsat.com


This paper discusses the role and significance of a body in Performance Art. Considering that Art reflects social, cultural and sometimes political realities, we identify types of messages that an artwork using advanced technological might transmit to us, spectators or artists. This paper focusses on the Cyborg Theatre, whereby the technology is its inherent element without which the performance could not happen. Such a technological performance cannot occur without a body. We refer here to a cyborg body as a human organism extended with mechanical parts, which integrate non organic components in order to gain meaning within the artwork. By focusing on such a theatrical performance, we observe a relationship developing between the performer and the spectator. This is an unusual interaction, which deserves our attention. We claim that both the performer and the spectator take part in a social event that does not only represent societal realities, but also indicates future ones.