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Video Streaming Analysis in Vienna LTE System Level Simulator

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        author={Zakaria Ye and Tania Jimenez and Rachid El-Azouzi},
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  • Zakaria Ye
    Tania Jimenez
    Rachid El-Azouzi
    Year: 2015
    Video Streaming Analysis in Vienna LTE System Level Simulator
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.24-8-2015.2261188
Zakaria Ye1,*, Tania Jimenez1, Rachid El-Azouzi1
  • 1: University of Avignon
*Contact email: zakaria.ye@univ-avignon.fr


The demand for multimedia services in mobile communication is increasing day by day due to the proliferation of end devices. To overcome the future needs of data communication on mobile devices, the $ 3^{rd} $ Generation Partnership Project (3GPP) has introduced a new technology which is known as Long Term Evolution (LTE) UMTS. In this paper, we study video streaming behavior on the LTE network. For this purpose, we use the Vienna LTE System Level Simulator which implements network features that correspond to our goal. We consider the parameters that may affect the users experience on a network and define ten scenarios for our simulations. We finally search for methods to fit the video streaming data traffic on the LTE network and exhibit its long range dependence.