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Introducing a Distance Vector Routing Protocol for ns-3 Simulator

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        author={Janaka Wijekoon and Rajitha Tennekoon and Erwin Harahap and Hiroaki Nishi},
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  • Janaka Wijekoon
    Rajitha Tennekoon
    Erwin Harahap
    Hiroaki Nishi
    Year: 2017
    Introducing a Distance Vector Routing Protocol for ns-3 Simulator
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.24-8-2015.2260345
Janaka Wijekoon1,*, Rajitha Tennekoon1, Erwin Harahap1, Hiroaki Nishi1
  • 1: Keio University
*Contact email:


In network research, network simulators have been shown to be useful for testing and changing network protocols by means of a controlled manner. As an Internet systems simulator, ns-3 simulator provides an ideal simulation environment for network research. However, ns-3 is lack of table-driven IPv4 routing modules. Despite the fact that a routing protocol is a mandatory component of a network, it is necessary to introduce a table-driven routing protocol for the ns-3 which is able to maintain the network connectivity and consistency. To this end, we introduce a distance vector IPv4 wired routing protocol for the ns-3 simulator (DVRP). The proposing protocol is developed as a table-driven wired routing protocol. In this study, we describe the proposing routing protocol, including its design, implementation, behavior on networks, and limitations.