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Overcoming Barriers to Healthcare Access and Delivery

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  • Foluso Ayeni
    Zacchaeus Omogbadegun
    Nicholas Omoregbe
    Sanjay Misra
    Lalit Garg
    Year: 2018
    Overcoming Barriers to Healthcare Access and Delivery
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.24-7-2018.156515
Foluso Ayeni1, Zacchaeus Omogbadegun1, Nicholas Omoregbe1, Sanjay Misra1,*, Lalit Garg2
  • 1: Covenant University, Ota, Nigeria
  • 2: University of Malta, Malta
*Contact email:


Access to standard and economical health care delivery, availability of significant health information are viewed as some of the most functional public health interventions in present-day history. Despite that, current information obtained from the WHO regarding Nigeria’s health condition shows that the average existence expectancy is at 54 years and maternal mortality at 608 per 100,000 live births as a result of poor health care services. Several aspects of health informatics have been applied to solve these challenges such as the transformation of records from manual to electronic. Among these are the telemedicine and socialized healthcare, which have been barely adopted in developing nations. This work thus proposes an architectural framework for a cloud-supported socialized healthcare system. In order to achieve this; a webbased application software was designed and implemented through the use of cloud computing technology platforms and server side scripting tools. This study proves that socialized healthcare will really go a long way in defeating barriers of viable human access and delivery.