Joint Workshop KO2PI and The 1st International Conference on Advance & Scientific Innovation

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Performance-based Stable Matching using Gale-Shapley Algorithm

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  • E Elviwani
    Andysah Putera Utama Siahaan
    Liza Fitriana
    Year: 2018
    Performance-based Stable Matching using Gale-Shapley Algorithm
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.23-4-2018.2277597
E Elviwani1,*, Andysah Putera Utama Siahaan2, Liza Fitriana3
  • 1: Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology, Universitas Sumatra Utara, Medan, Indonesia
  • 2: Faculty of Science and Technology, Universitas Pembangunan Panca Budi, Medan, Indonesia
  • 3: Faculty of Engineering and Computer Science, Universitas Harapan, Medan, Indonesia
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Performance is something that will be achieved at the institute. Everyone has different abilities in doing a task. Placement of an office position does not always result in satisfactory performance. Giving an assignment to people who are not qualified in their field will cause problems in the future. This problem arises from the inability of the person to overcome and complete the assignment. Position balancing is a terrible thing facing every institution. Many of the criteria that should be assessed for a person can be put in a specific position. Manual calculations will hinder the accuracy of employee placement in the company. The Gale-Shapley algorithm can solve this problem well by the expected criteria in a particular position. This algorithm determines the position of work based on the desire of the institution and the ability of the worker. The interchange between employees will occur if the weight changes. The optimal person will fill each job position in the field of work. Stable Matching will be implemented, and the institution will have qualified employees.