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Food Consumption Tracker with Health Advises by Food Photos and Labels

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  • Wai-Man Pang
    Vane-Ing Tian
    Geoffrey Poon
    Year: 2018
    Food Consumption Tracker with Health Advises by Food Photos and Labels
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.23-3-2018.154374
Wai-Man Pang1,*, Vane-Ing Tian2, Geoffrey Poon1
  • 1: School of Computing and Information Sciences, Caritas Institute of Higher Education
  • 2: The Open University of Hong Kong
*Contact email:


Obesity, overweight, allergy and additives related disease are common health problems worldwide nowadays. Many of these problems directly relate to food consumption and dietary habits. Hence keep tracking food intake and knowing the consumed food ingredients are essential for a healthy life. However, tracking daily consumption is tedious, and seldom be kept for long. This paper presented a mobile solution to leverage these troublesome and provide health advices on food consumption adaptively. Users can simply take photos of their meals as they usually do for dietary record. Our system then automatically recognizes the food type and provides useful statistics for analysis. We can know better the packaged food with barcode scanning and text recognition of food labels. All captured information provide basis for proper alert on allergen, suggestions to achieve health and balanced dietary. A preliminary study reveals that this is welcomed by most users care about their dietary.