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Harmony: A Hand Wash Monitoring and Reminder System using Smart Watches

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.22-7-2015.2260042,
        author={Md Abu Sayeed Mondol and John A. Stankovic},
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  • Md Abu Sayeed Mondol
    John A. Stankovic
    Year: 2015
    Harmony: A Hand Wash Monitoring and Reminder System using Smart Watches
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.22-7-2015.2260042
Md Abu Sayeed Mondol1,*, John A. Stankovic1
  • 1: University of Virginia
*Contact email:


Hand hygiene compliance is extremely important in hospitals, clinics and food businesses. Caregivers' compliance with hand hygiene is one of the most effective tools in preventing healthcare associated infections (HAIs) in hospitals and clinics. In food businesses, hand hygiene compliance is essential to prevent food contamination, and thus food borne illness. Washing hands properly is the cornerstone of hand hygiene. However, the hand wash compliance rate by the workers (care givers, waiters, chefs, food processors and so on) is not up to the mark. Monitoring hand wash compliance along with a reminder system increases the compliance rate significantly. Quality of a hand wash is also important which can be achieved by washing hands in accordance with standard guidelines. In this paper, we present Harmony, a hand wash monitoring and reminder system that monitors hand wash events and their quality, provides real time feedback, reminds the person of interest when he/she is required to wash hands, and stores related data in a server for further use. Worker worn smart watches are the key components of Harmony that can differentiate hand wash gestures from other gestures with an average accuracy of about 88%. Harmony is robust, scalable, and easy to install, and it overcomes most of the problems of existing related systems.