13th EAI International Conference on Pervasive Computing Technologies for Healthcare - Demos and Posters

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Out-ward monitoring of neurorehabilitation in subacute stroke

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  • Silvia I. Franco-Pastrana
    Felipe Orihuela-Espina
    Patrick Heyer-Wollenberg
    Javier Herrera-Vega
    Luis Enrique Sucar
    Luis Castrejón
    Mayela Saucedo
    Lorena Palafox
    Jorge Hernández-Franco
    Year: 2019
    Out-ward monitoring of neurorehabilitation in subacute stroke
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.20-5-2019.2283544
Silvia I. Franco-Pastrana1,*, Felipe Orihuela-Espina1, Patrick Heyer-Wollenberg1, Javier Herrera-Vega1, Luis Enrique Sucar1, Luis Castrejón2, Mayela Saucedo3, Lorena Palafox3, Jorge Hernández-Franco3
  • 1: INAOE
  • 2: BUAP
  • 3: INNN
*Contact email: silviafp@inaoep.mx


Validated clinical scales of functional dexterity of stroke patients provide only sparse and controlled observations of the neurorehabilitation process. Continuous naturalistic monitoring the progress during the rehabilitation therapy of out-patients remains unsatisfactorily resolved. We pro- pose a new indicator of functional performance capitalizing on smart devices and the cloud services. The new index of limb usage balance (ILUB) derived from accelerometry data, provides an objective scalar that it is easy to estimate and interpret, and adequate for continuous uncontrolled moni- toring. Three studies for the veri cation and validation of the index and accompanying platform are presented. We show that the index is unbiased to handedness dominance and provide preliminary evidence that it is appropriate for patients even during the subacute stage. The new index can complement clinical scales to observe the patient progress.