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Design Strategies for a Hybrid Video Synthesizer

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  • Sourya Sen
    Nuno N. Correia
    Koray Tahiroğlu
    Year: 2021
    Design Strategies for a Hybrid Video Synthesizer
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.19-3-2021.169038
Sourya Sen1,*, Nuno N. Correia2, Koray Tahiroğlu3
  • 1: Independent Artist, Kolkata, India
  • 2: University of Greenwich, London, UK and ITI/LARSyS, Funchal, Portugal
  • 3: Aalto University, School of Arts, Design and Architecture, Helsinki, Finland
*Contact email: ayruos@gmail.com


INTRODUCTION: Technological advances have led to newer instruments and forms of audiovisual performance. Simultaneously, there has been a resurgence of analogue equipment in sound synthesis. However, such instruments for video synthesis are yet to be well established.

OBJECTIVES: The primary objective of this research is to propose design guidelines for designing hybrid video synthesizers and develop a working prototype.

METHODS: Through a study of historical and contemporary practises, design guidelines for a hybrid video synthesizer are proposed. A prototype instrument is then developed and used in live performances to justify the guidelines.

RESULTS: The hybrid approach towards audiovisual performance has some merit, however, it may only be relevant to a certain group of people already familiar with modular workflows.

CONCLUSION: The merits and demerits of our design proposal using the prototype instrument has been noted in this research. Future plans have also been discussed.