Proceedings of The 6th Asia-Pacific Education And Science Conference, AECon 2020, 19-20 December 2020, Purwokerto, Indonesia

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Faith and Wisdom Based Education

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  • Susanto Susanto
    Year: 2021
    Faith and Wisdom Based Education
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.19-12-2020.2309188
Susanto Susanto1,*
  • 1: Department of Biology Education, Faculty of Teacher Training and Education, Universitas Muhammadiyah Purwokerto
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If we are in confined areas, we will feel stressed and burdened. Descartes' statement cogito ergo sum (I think thus I exist, I exist thus I think) led to the establishment of Rationalism on Epistemology. As a result, the human mind, in general, is short-sighted and tends to think negatively, giving up before trying, losing before fighting, and fearing before something happens. The result of these typical human brains is that young people are less likely to attend college as a result of ineffective education and difficult job search after graduation. I get an agony, with the majority of them weeping for far too long since I regard it as a disaster, making it difficult to rise again. They are greedy if given the opportunity because they do not think Allah SWT would return to them. Haught and Peters use science and religious encounter to demonstrate the optimist character. The most important principle of all Islamic thinking, Tawheed, serves as the cornerstone for science and religious integration in education. As a result, humanity requires a faith-based and wisdom-based education. Indeed, as Allah's characteristic The Most Broad (al-Waasi'), Allah SWT has given humans fitrah to have a broad perspective. But that fitrah had already vanished. That fitrah has been covered by al-wahn illnesses (passion for the world and fear of death). We must resurrect. We must always project a good attitude, profound thought, vast knowledge, and wisdom.