Proceedings of The 2nd International Conference On Advance And Scientific Innovation, ICASI 2019, 18 July, Banda Aceh, Indonesia

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Consumer Protection Laws For Bank Customers

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  • Mohammad Roesli
    Sulistyani Eka Lestari
    Koko Dwi Prasetyo
    Yeni Ika Pratiwi
    Mahrus Ali
    Year: 2019
    Consumer Protection Laws For Bank Customers
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.18-7-2019.2288518
Mohammad Roesli1,*, Sulistyani Eka Lestari2, Koko Dwi Prasetyo1, Yeni Ika Pratiwi1, Mahrus Ali1
  • 1: DepartmentFaculty of Law, Merdeka Universty, Surabaya, Indonesia
  • 2: Department Faculty of Law, Sunan Bonang University, Tuban, Indonesia
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Indonesia development is followed by continuous technological progress with economic development. Therefore, financial services institutions, i.e banking sector, need to follow the development. As one of financial institutions in Indonesia, bank is as an intermediary institution for parties with excess liquidity. It protects its consumers or customers to avoid the crime in line with the advancement of internet technology (cybercrime). This study aims to determine legal protection of victim customers against ATM card duplication crime. Law No.10 year 1998 on customer protection is a guarantee of legal certainty given by bank to customer as basically this law protects customer. Bank as business perpetrator is obliged to serve its customer properly and honestly and provide the correct, clear and honest information about the condition and guarantee of the services provided. The liability of the bank in the event that customer suffers a loss is performed by handling and resolving various complaints to avoid the protracted problems that occur. Customer complaints handling is made at predefined and generally applicable time standards.