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Indoor Positioning using cellular network and relay node for wearables

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.16-5-2018.156533,
        author={Sreelakshmi Gollapudi and Lalit Kumar Pathak and Tushar Vrind and Diwakar Sharma and Samir Kumar Mishra},
        title={Indoor Positioning using cellular network and relay node for wearables},
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  • Sreelakshmi Gollapudi
    Lalit Kumar Pathak
    Tushar Vrind
    Diwakar Sharma
    Samir Kumar Mishra
    Year: 2018
    Indoor Positioning using cellular network and relay node for wearables
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.16-5-2018.156533
Sreelakshmi Gollapudi1,*, Lalit Kumar Pathak1, Tushar Vrind1, Diwakar Sharma1, Samir Kumar Mishra1
  • 1: Samsung Semiconductors India R&D Centre, Samsung Electronics, Bangalore, India
*Contact email: s.gollapudi@samsung.com


One of the key requirements in public safety domain is to know the exact location of user or wearable device. There are a plethora of Internet of Things based wearable devices which are getting used for geo-fencing and for alerting with position coordinates, but detection of indoor positioning is less accurate when is in deep indoor. In Release 13, 3GPP defines solution to get near about indoor positioning using macro and small cells if GPS coordinates are not available. However, as the cells cover quite a big area, to improve the accuracy adding more small cells is a deployment challenge. Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) is a new specification proposed for IoT devices. One of the key proposition is to improve the coverage by 20dB to cater to indoor. In this research work, we present our effort to use the NB-IoT nodes along with Device to Device (D2D) (relay based) technologies to get more accurate location by developing an algorithm to localize coarse and fine level proximity.