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Research Article

Using Natural User Interfaces for Previsualization

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.16-3-2021.169030,
        author={Rainer Malaka and Tanja D\o{}ring and Thomas Fr\o{}hlich and Thomas Muender and Georg Volkmar and Dirk Wenig and Nima Zargham},
        title={Using Natural User Interfaces for Previsualization},
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  • Rainer Malaka
    Tanja Döring
    Thomas Fröhlich
    Thomas Muender
    Georg Volkmar
    Dirk Wenig
    Nima Zargham
    Year: 2021
    Using Natural User Interfaces for Previsualization
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.16-3-2021.169030
Rainer Malaka1,*, Tanja Döring1, Thomas Fröhlich1, Thomas Muender1, Georg Volkmar1, Dirk Wenig1, Nima Zargham1
  • 1: Digital Media Lab, TZI, Bremen, Germany
*Contact email: malaka@uni-bremen.de


INTRODUCTION: An important phase in the process of visual design for the narrative media is previsualization (previs). Professionals use complicated 3D software applications that are not especially designed for the purpose of previs which makes it difficult for the artists and non-technical users to create previs content.

OBJECTIVES: The aim is to empower artists to express and visualize their ideas and creative capabilities in an optimal way.

METHODS: We suggest using natural user interfaces (NUIs) and discuss suitable interactions for different previs tasks. We developed and evaluated a series of individual prototypes as well as a central overarching prototype following our NUI concepts.

RESULTS: The results show that our NUI-based interaction methods were perceived highly positive and experts found it valuable for their work.

CONCLUSION: With only a brief familiarization phase, NUIs can provide a convenient substitute to traditional design tools that require long training sessions.