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SANJYOT – WE SAVE LIFE Using Big Data - Apache Spark

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  • @ARTICLE{10.4108/eai.16-10-2020.166660,
        author={Nipun Tyagi and Nikita Chauhan and Ayushi Sighal and Rijwan Khan},
        title={SANJYOT -- WE SAVE LIFE Using Big Data - Apache Spark},
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  • Nipun Tyagi
    Nikita Chauhan
    Ayushi Sighal
    Rijwan Khan
    Year: 2020
    SANJYOT – WE SAVE LIFE Using Big Data - Apache Spark
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.16-10-2020.166660
Nipun Tyagi1,*, Nikita Chauhan1, Ayushi Sighal1, Rijwan Khan1
  • 1: Department of Computer Science and Engineering, ABES Institute of Technology, Ghaziabad, Affiliated to AKTU Lucknow India
*Contact email: nipuntyagi23@gmail.com


With its high importance in the Indian economy, roadways are one of the major forms of transportation in India that cannot be avoided. There is a public safety problem with roadways and a significant number of injuries in our minds. Due to lack of proper real-time monitoring of the accident details that could be transferred to the nearest police station, hospitals, the percentage of incidents in the country is rising to such a high level that leads to loss of human life. Paper helps to provide a solution to this issue by providing information on the location of accident and the severity of the victim during the accident, which will be instantly shared with the police station, hospitals with details such as images, location, video and impact of the accident for quicker decision making, will improve the chances of saving the lives of the sufferers. It is a system which is fully automated. Therefore, protecting the lives of individuals will be a huge contribution to humanity.