10th EAI International Conference on Communications and Networking in China

Research Article

Concatenated Polar-Coded Multilevel Modulation

  • @INPROCEEDINGS{10.4108/eai.15-8-2015.2260671,
        author={xu shunpin and zhao shengmei and xing chao},
        title={Concatenated Polar-Coded Multilevel Modulation},
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  • xu shunpin
    zhao shengmei
    xing chao
    Year: 2015
    Concatenated Polar-Coded Multilevel Modulation
    DOI: 10.4108/eai.15-8-2015.2260671
xu shunpin1,*, zhao shengmei1, xing chao1
  • 1: nanjing university of post and telecommunication
*Contact email: brianxsp@163.com


Combination of channel coding and modulation has been demonstrated to have high power and bandwidth efficiency. Compared with polar codes, the concatenated polar codes boost the error rate probability to almost exponential in the block-length with essentially no loss in computational complexity. In this paper, a concatenated polar-coded multilevel modulation scheme is proposed, where polar codes are the inner codes and Reed-Solomon (low density parity check) codes are chosen as the outer codes. The bit error rate (BER) performances of the proposed scheme are analyzed for different inner polar code length and different inner polar code rate. The numerical simulation results show that the scheme has significantly improved in the BER performance in comparison with those results using multilevel polar-coded modulation and single level concatenated-polar coded modulation scheme. With the increase of code length and the decrease of code rate of the inner polar code, the system has a better BER performance.